SeaMonkey 2.49.2 is out!

Hi everyone,

Just want to announce that SeaMonkey 2.49.2 has finally been released!

I do apologize for the delay.


About ewong

I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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19 Responses to SeaMonkey 2.49.2 is out!

  1. Thankyou ewong.

    Aside: ooh, my currently highlighted tab is easier to see now.

  2. Raj Bhaskar says:

    Hi, thanks for this. Will this auto-update from 2.49.1, or will we have to do a manual download and install?

  3. Sanny says:

    Good news, Thanks for the hard work.

    Still, I am unable to use this new version because of the Copy/Paste folder in Bookmarks bug.

    There was an addition to the bug recently, and I wonder if it might help solving it?
    Since this feature is very important for me, I can’t upgrade since 2.33.1
    Would you mind looking at that bug?

    Thanks again for keeping SeaMonkey alive.

  4. Federico Tomasello says:

    Great work again, thanx!

  5. frg says:

    The Bookmarks Manager bug will likely not be fixed in any 2.49.x release. The places api changed too much. I took a sledgehammer and ported the Firefox Library for 2.53+. See Bug 1378089. I can provide a test 2.53 but be aware that this one does not contain all backported 2.49.2 security fixes.

    • Sanny says:

      Can you provide the test build as portable (as in not installable)?

      If so, I’d like to look at the bookmarks-fix part, even though I don’t see it mentioned anywhere.

      Thanks again for your hard work and for answering here.

  6. Kamikaze says:

    Great news, thanks!!

  7. frg says:

    I suggest for any further discussion you just switch to mozillaZine or one of the offcial 2 SeaMonkey support groups depending on content.

  8. Trend Micro did not like something about the latest release and even deleted the installer (v2.49.2) I’ve gone and told it that it’s not infected and restored the files it quarantined but, something’s there that’s setting it off and may set off other Security software as well.

  9. I need to follow up with a note that I downloaded the new release v2.49.2 onto another pc and let Trend scan it and it didn’t have a fit about it on this computer.. So, I’m now suspecting it’s something on the other computer.
    note: I have not installed it on this computer yet and after I initiate some scans on the one that got upset, I’ll back up this one and see if Trend gets upset when I install it and get back again.
    So, could be a false alarm on my previous note due to that computer.

  10. Chad Feller says:

    Thanks for this Ewong and team! Just updated it from the Fedora repos – looking good!

  11. MH says:

    Many thanks for your work!

  12. Wladimir Mutel says:

    Dear authors,
    can you please tell me how can I restart Seamonkey ?
    It seems that ‘restart’ command in ‘Shift+F2’ command line does not work.

  13. MartinG says:

    Many thanks for keeping Seamonkey alive.

    One thing that got broken in 2.49.2: on Ubuntu at least, scrollbar colours do not match the GTK theme (specifically, the slider itself seems to be rendered using the wrong colour). This makes sliders somewhat hard to see in the theme I’m using.

  14. Geza says:

    I have two browsing privacy improvement suggestions for SeaMonkey developers, I’m going to post them here because I just couldn’t found the page where you guys are waiting for ideas or suggestions:
    1. It would be cool to have a single button on the toolbar to clear all data in cache, cookies, history, etc. the same info that you can do by hitting ctrl+shift+delete, so you could delete all of this data with just one click for e.g. each time you open a web page of a new website, so websites won’t be able to fish around your cookies and cache of your other interests.

    2. It would be even cooler to be able to clean privacy cache info of a webpage WHEN YOU CLOSE that tab. Closing tab would always delete all privacy data related to that tab. Patrick J. Dempsey has written an add-on “SeaTab X 2 0.3.3” that puts a cool red square with a white “x” on each tab that you click on it if you want to close that tab with one click. (instead of right click and close). I tried to find a contact info for him to send him this suggestion but I couldn’t found any. In practice it would be nice to have two closing buttons on the tabs next to one another, the left one would close the tab as usual, the right one would also clean the privacy info related to the content of that page/tab. Therefore having this option while browsing, you would keep a tab open while you need it and when you close it, clear the related privacy info as well with the same closing click.

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