Not Monday, nor Tuesday..

Hi all,

Just want to apologize for the delay.  Moco RelEngers have been super busy so the bouncer has to be done when one of them are available to update it.

Hopefully soon.   Sorry.  No specific dates, times, or centuries… After the past two attempts, I won’t be that stupid to raise everyone’s hopes up.


4 Responses to Not Monday, nor Tuesday..

  1. No worries. Just say when it’s done like computer game companies say. 😉

  2. I heard SeaMonkey and Thunderbird are going to collaborate and do an add-ons site together. I once went through mozdev and AMO with a fine-tooth comb and found a lot of add-ons that still work with current SeaMonkey even if they don’t explicitly specify it. I hope I can get in touch with somebody about their inclusion. Thank you for the work you do to keep this great browser alive!

  3. Is there a Bugzilla bug we can follow?

    • for the tracking bug, bug 1420707. for the actual bouncer bug, bug 1436912. (Do note that moco releng is super busy and I have pinged them on irc.)

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