2.49.3 is being spun..well..


I should’ve posted this a few weeks ago when it was relevantish, I started spinning 2.49.3 build 1; but encountered some issues and with a new secfix,  I started build 2.

Unfortunately, there might be some delays as our mac is experiencing some issues, which is why I’ve been busy setting up the new infra.

Thank you for your continual patience.


2 Responses to 2.49.3 is being spun..well..

  1. Awesome!
    What’s the plans for future versions though? Will Seamonkey continue to use ESRs? That seems like it will drastically impact the heart and soul of what is Seamonkey. Or will Seamonkey continue on from here alone?

    I’m more concerned with the simple UI and experience, and would like to be able to use updated extensions, but am afraid Seamonkey will suffer.

  2. Thank you for the updates. 🙂

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