Hi all,

Just want to pop in and say that SeaMonkey 2.49.3 is FINALLY out.

This version was a painful one compared to the previous one.Β  The infrastructure totally crapped out (and it took me a while to fix the issue) and the mac machine is on its way out the door. [Then again, our whole infra’s on the way out the door. πŸ™ ]

Thank you for your patience..


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I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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11 Responses to Finally!

  1. Ant says:

    Yay, the force is with Edmund. πŸ˜‰

  2. Saul Luizaga says:

    Please could you contact the 64-bit team so they release a stable 64-bit version? and not the alphas they have been releasing that will fail unexpectedly at some point,

  3. frg says:

    Do not download anything from The site is bogus. They just used the old akalla builds without giving credits.
    If you need an x64 build try the one from Bill:

  4. frg says:

    and btw everything above 2.53 is currently broken and should only be used for brief testing.

  5. Saul Luizaga says:

    Thanks I will πŸ™‚

  6. Spiros says:


    There seems to be a problem with the history on your builds. Although I enabled it Seamonkey does not remember the sites I visited. Have you also experienced this ?

  7. James N. says:

    I heard SeaMonkey and Thunderbird are going to collaborate and do an add-ons site together. I once went through mozdev and AMO with a fine-tooth comb and found a lot of add-ons that still work with currentish SeaMonkey even if they don’t explicitly specify it. I hope I can get in touch with somebody about their inclusion. Thank you for the work you do to keep this great browser alive!

  8. Catreona says:

    I was pleased to find Sea Monkey again after having lost sight of it for some years. It works well with my screen reading software and so far has been running smoothly.

    One request: Please, if possible, include a Fire Fox style reader view. Without this, reading long pages such as articles from _The New Yorker_ or _The Guardian_ is tedious and rather difficult.


  9. Awesome information in this post. Do you have a RSS feed?

    (Yes, people still use RSS)

  10. Quiagon says:

    I used to use Netscape Nav. I came across SM when I evaluated Composer, but even when I checked don’t reformat source code, it still did. I used FF as long as I could, but it kept bogging down. Have it up for a day or two , and it would reliably start to drag. Many good plugins were lost due to plugins.

    I tried the Chromium derivatives. They work beautifully, but Google has a stick up its ass about having a search bar, handling tabs, and generally not allowing much customization of the GUI. Vivaldi seemed to be a really great idea; but some sort of weird garbage collection slows it down, so that it frequently becomes unresponsive, and slow generally.

    Revisiting FF, it is currently unstable, frequently has graphic glitches that, after leaving on for a while, cause a page to be rendered as repeating elements in stead of the desired complete page, and keeps having a single tab take up 25% of my CPU (four core), and makes my computer and its GUI crawl. Even when I freshly start it and bring up a few pages, it won’t show me the sessions in Tab Session Manager, and the ForecastFox keeps breaking.

    Falkon should have solved most of my probs., but they seem not to allow it to play MP4’s for purely political reasons – that it uses a licensed decoding technique, and is therefore proprietary.

    Having never had any interest in SeaMonkey, due to the source reformatting prob. in Composer, I revisited it just about the time tons of its plugins quit working. Many more which have versions which do work, are reported not to work at its addons site.

    I recently rediscovered Sea Monkey, and it does most of what I want it to do. I saw a YT video about how a guy was able to open a great many tabs, and it handled it just fine. The session manager works. The latest GreaseMonkey seems to have only mediocre support for scripts I want to use. There’s a uBlock Origin that works fine (!), and TotalSpoof gets Yahoo Mail to work (I know. I’ll be getting something more private some time here.) Acrobat Reader and Flash plugins still work (!), and it seems pretty stable.

    It seems to me that they are changing things too fast in FF, and not waiting for stable results; and breaking everything in the way of addons and plugins that used to work – even though they might have left the option open at least.

    So far, I’m trying SeaMonkey, and it seems that in a world of browsers that are unstable, have bad GUI, are slow and feature limited, there probably really was never anything really wrong with SeaMonkey. I’d lose some video downloading plugins, and ForecastFox, which isn’t working that well anyway; vs. FF. In a world of gimpy browsers, SM is looking like a very strong entry. This is the time that it might shine. I might go so far as to call it the true spiritual successor to Navigator. I really hope it can continue.

    It really could use some better plugins, but I’d say the greatest emergency in that department would be a much better addons site, or at least get this one to more accurately reflect what can be gotten to work; or even be gotten to work partially.

    If you have a big push to make some big change to the code or support page, you might strongly consider making a video showing the strengths, and greatest problems facing SM. Then, submit a page to one or more crowdfunding sites, and see if you can raise money to make needed upgrades. It seems to me that if people really understood how bad other browsers had gotten in recent years, and how SM really hasn’t, they might be willing to help support it.

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