2.49.5? Where is it? Quick! Call Waldo!

Hi all,

(didn’t really have any quip to put in the topic..  so wrote that…  *shrug*)

We have finally started spinning 2.49.5.   This is going to be the most EPIC build process.  Why?  Oh…let me count the ways.

  1. 2.49.5 will be spun on a totally new and unproven infrastructure (yay… ;/ )
  2. 2.49.5 will require A LOT of trial and errors.
  3. 2.49.5 isn’t going to be released that fast as we depend on three systems.  I’m hoping to get another system up to take up the builds.

Here’s the status of the build.

  • The tagging process completed with a hiccup but it ‘should’ be ok.
  • Current build(s): Linux32 [failed – in the process of being fixed]
  • Win64 is not talking to the master so apparently Win64 has had a tiff with the master. (*sigh*  will have to convince those two to become friends again.)
  • OSX64 is off doing its own thing (nightly..  need to redirect its attention to more pressing matters.)

I’ll update everyone as it progresses.



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