2.49.5? Where is it? Quick! Call Waldo!

Hi all,

(didn’t really have any quip to put in the topic..  so wrote that…  *shrug*)

We have finally started spinning 2.49.5.   This is going to be the most EPIC build process.  Why?  Oh…let me count the ways.

  1. 2.49.5 will be spun on a totally new and unproven infrastructure (yay… ;/ )
  2. 2.49.5 will require A LOT of trial and errors.
  3. 2.49.5 isn’t going to be released that fast as we depend on three systems.  I’m hoping to get another system up to take up the builds.

Here’s the status of the build.

  • The tagging process completed with a hiccup but it ‘should’ be ok.
  • Current build(s): Linux32 [failed – in the process of being fixed]
  • Win64 is not talking to the master so apparently Win64 has had a tiff with the master. (*sigh*  will have to convince those two to become friends again.)
  • OSX64 is off doing its own thing (nightly..  need to redirect its attention to more pressing matters.)

I’ll update everyone as it progresses.



About ewong

I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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17 Responses to 2.49.5? Where is it? Quick! Call Waldo!

  1. Ant says:

    Thanks for the updates again!

  2. Sanny says:

    And yet, you keep a sense of humor 🙂
    So, all is not lost.
    I know you and the team will get over all the obstacles.

    Keep on the good work, and keep us, users, updated.

  3. Paul Bergsagel says:

    ewong, Thanks very much for all your hard work and all you do for SeaMonkey.

  4. Mike says:

    Great! I’m glad to see plans for the future. I especially love SeaMonkey for the email interface, and hope it can live on and on and on. Good luck pulling it all together!

  5. Jawhien says:

    Please tell me whether SeaMonkey support webextension add-ons?

  6. /df says:

    So, not just ./configure && make, then!
    Good luck

  7. Kami says:

    Great news!! I hope you have luck with that EPIC build process.

  8. zed says:

    very happy to see that it’s still moving forward.^^
    how is the condition of plugin side? i don’t think with this much change, old system plugin work anymore Xb.
    not to make my hope high but can we somehow use firefox plugin in seamonkey by our own risk?

  9. Kami says:

    Great news! I hope you have luck with that epic construction, and that Murphy is far away.

  10. Night says:

    I appreciate the effort made in all these years but I hope you guys go in the UXP route, because in my opinion plus some research it’s the only clear way going forward. I don’t want SeaMonkey and the Netscape legacy to go away.

  11. Kamikaze says:

    Great news! I hope that you have lucky with this epic build, and Murphy don’t appearance.


  12. noseyman says:

    As one of those who remember to have had a Netscape Navigator 2.49 Gold once upon a time and what SeaMonkey is all about today I appreciate all your time work and energy you put into it while staying motivated so much.
    A big bunch of kudos to you!

    Regarding the past and by that being quite modest with my expectations I’m very happy to see 2.49.5 coming soon and still hope for something like to bring FF-compatible Sync back again *ggg*.

    Keep on keep up and keep smiling as there’s enough around us being all but funny.

  13. Edgars F says:

    I really love SeaMonkey as it is running on a old Mozilla (Legacy) frame. Sure it needs some tweaks here and there. But it works! Its stable. It runs faster then anything else out there. Why throw out the baby with the bath water?

    SeaMonkey was my preferred and default browser for years because of it. Though recently I feared the project was at a close and had to seek out another.

    Please consider staying as you are. But of course with up grades once in a while.

    Edgars F

  14. Hi,
    many people (to be honest: me too) don’t understand the problems with new builds. Thea / we see that there are ‘Unofficial SeaMonkey 2.53 by user wg9s’, and I think it would be useful if you could leave some hints concerning the difference between those “private builds” and the official SeaMonkey builds, and which of these differences cause the long time it takes to get the build process working again.



  15. Pat Kight says:

    Any further updates? I love SeaMonkey, and have used it pretty much since the beginning, but it’s been a while since an update, and it’s starting to get a little clunky…

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