SeaMonkey 2.53.4 released!

Hi everyone,

Just want to quickly post that SeaMonkey 2.53.4 has been released!

This time around, it took a bit longer than anticipated due unforeseen circumstances and me needing to do some workarounds.

Sorry for the delay.


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  2. Update to 2.53.4 on Win 8.1 64 bit seamless, early, but no issues so far.

    Thank you!

  3. Thanks, great!

  4. thanks.

    will there be an SM 2.57.x release by the end of 2020, ewong & frg?

  5. Halleluja!

    Thank You!

  6. Always G-R-E-A-T! Thank you so much for your extraordinary work!

  7. Great news!!

  8. Hello I am new user of seamonkey. what can I do seamonkey.checksums? Is It gpg –verify or how it works?

  9. Well, I’m glad everyone else is so happy. I could be happy, but why is it that almost every time i install a update from mozilla on FF or SM, it messes up something. SO annoying.
    I upgraded Seamonkey to 2.53.4 2 days ago. I guess it’s better under the hood? But it sure isn’t better on the UI.
    I Like my tabs on the bottom of the other toolbars. Always have, always will. I still can’t believe you guys can’t just add that setting to the preferences > tabs. But That’s not my problem as the update didn’t mess with my tab position.
    My problem is apparently a problem with mozilla (off and on) since 2012? Which IS, my tabs now have White Text with a shadow on them. Making it hard to see the text. I don’t need to sit here messing up my eyes anymore than i already do trying to see the tabs man! How do i fix this???
    Also, it got rid of some buttons i had on my toolbars. Like next to my Home button, i LIKE having a New Tab Button. The update got rid of that for me. And I don’t see hardly ANY choice of stuff to add to the toolbar when i go into Customize. WHY? Why did it also get rid of the separators i spent so much time on?
    Not happy, Dennis

    There’s the big I’m having. I guess it’s not fixed now…
    Can we get a fix please? or some info on how to fix it ourselves?????
    I looked through the about: config, saw nothing to change. I don’t find a tabbox.css on my pc to fiddle with… Help?

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