13 Releases Later…

Although the last announced release on this blog was SeaMonkey 1.0.1, we want to ensure people know that we have had quite a few new releases since then, and hope everyone realizes that we have not forgotten about our users in terms of security. These people are urged to grab our newest release, 1.1.7.
All users of previous SeaMonkey versions, the Netscape suite and the Mozilla suite (which has been completely discontinued) are encouraged to upgrade to this new version of the suite product line, as SeaMonkey 1.1.7 fixes many issues present in older versions, and is available for download from the release page.
Details on the security fixes in this release are available in the mozilla.org vulnerabilities list (SeaMonkey 1.1.7 contains all of the security fixes in Firefox Details on other changes can be found in the release notes. (Also see the “What’s New” for our 1.1 feature release.)
Lucky for us, and our users, they do seem to have noticed these upgrades despite the stagnation in this blog (which is changing). The download count for SeaMonkey has exceeded 2.5 million and its continued usage has surpassed that of the Mozilla Suite!

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3 Responses to 13 Releases Later…

  1. Keith says:

    I’m glad this blog is back and that the usage of SeaMonkey is so high. But I and, I imagine most other users, have been notified of new versions through the software update dialog. That’s mostly the reason that we’ve been updating (and the fact that SeaMonkey is more of a geek’s browser and we geeks are just like that).

  2. Ilgaz says:

    Now the AOL has discontinued Netscape 7.x brand , you should speak with AOL to divert Netscape 7.2 users to Seamonkey project. Perhaps you can make a easy “upgrade” page along with Netscape 7.2 theme installer?
    The Netscape 7.2 suite has 84.000 downloads (only that version) just at Versiontracker.com which is impressive for ANY browser on Mac scene. Those people should be saved, you guys must have new users etc.

  3. Mark says:

    I had the Mozilla Suite & at some time I had downloaded an add-on (i can’t remember which)that would give me an error message when I 1st opened the brower then I’d click closed the window & it was fine. Only when I opened a new brower window did it pop up again. It was about “having the propler file extension”.)
    I wanted Seamonkey so i uninstalled the old Suite program & down loaded Seamonkey. THe problem is now more defined with the same error message but the shell of the program is partially missing. By shell I mean screen. When i click ok, I still can’t use the program. Is there anything I need to delete on my computer ? Can anyone help or have knowledge of this ?

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