SeaMonkey 2 contributor interviews: Aqualon

Our series of SeaMonkey 2 contributor interviews is moving along! This time, we’re talking with Aqualon:
Who are you?
My name is Bruno Escherl, I’m at the end of my twenties and I’m studying computer science at the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany.
How did you become a SeaMonkey contributor?
Netscape was my first browser back at the end of the last Millennium, so the switch to Mozilla Suite was inevitable. After the good old suite ended and I didn’t like the Firefox/Thunderbird approach I became a regular SeaMonkey user, joined the irc-channels and just got into it by reporting bugs and fixing small bugs myself.
What notable contribution did you make to SeaMonkey 2.0?
I’ve ported some of the prefpanes to the new prefwindow and also integrated some fixes from Thunderbird into our MailNews Code (e.g. the vcard attachment display).
How can users give something back to you?
Use SeaMonkey and if you want to contribute to it, just give it a start and join the #seamonkey channel @ 🙂
Why, in your eyes, should people use SeaMonkey 2.0?
You should use SeaMonkey 2.0 if you want to have a matured user interface that isn’t changing every version and want to use the same software for browsing the web and managing your emails.
What next step do you see for SeaMonkey, and what would you like to happen in the Mozilla and SeaMonkey projects?
It would be nice if more extension authors would enable their extensions to support SeaMonkey 2.0 (many thanks to those who have already done it :)).
The next big step or vision I see is a closer integration between the different parts of SeaMonkey to make a real integrated Internet suite that fits for all your internet needs.

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