SeaMonkey 2.1 Beta 3 Introduces New Features

SeaMonkey 2.1 Beta 3 is available for free download now in 14 languages and makes a huge list of new functionality available to a wider testing audience for the first time. Please note that this pre-release version is still intended for testers only and might still show some problems in everyday use. As always, we appreciate any feedback you may have and encourage users to help us by filing bugs.
In addition to the changes in the alpha releases, and our first beta release, this version features the following new improvements:
* When you start SeaMonkey in Safe Mode, you are now presented with a dialog that allows you to permanently apply some of the Safe Mode changes. Furthermore you can enter Safe Mode directly from the Help menu now.
* If a plugins crashes, you are now presented with several options right there (e.g. reloading the page).
* Built-in extensions (ChatZilla, JavaScript Debugger, DOM Inspector and DebugQA) are now installed into the profile.
* SeaMonkey Sync supports the easy setup process (J-PAKE) now.
* Windows 7 Jump Lists support was added.
* Outdated plugins are detected now.
* Tabs can now be switched using mouse scrolling (in addition to scrolling the tab bar).
* WebGL support via ANGLE has been added.
* An optional search bar (including suggestions if the search engine supports it) is available in browser toolbar customization, and an engine manager for OpenSearch is available.
* The delete action in the MailNews Advanced Search dialog has been fixed.
* Plugins now work in feeds shown in MailNews windows.
* ChatZilla is working again.
* The JavaScript Debugger Venkman is working again.
* Download progress is now shown in the Windows 7 taskbar.
* Cascaded Session Restore improves restoring large browsing sessions.
We welcome any and all discussions on this beta on our newsgroups, or you can even file a bug if you find one. Be sure to check our Known Issues prior to filing bugs.
SeaMonkey 2.1 Beta 3 is available for free download on the SeaMonkey website. Once you have downloaded and installed this release, we’d like to encourage you to get involved in discussing and reporting problems as well as further improving the product.
Thanks for testing and helping us to make SeaMonkey even better!

~Justin Wood (Callek)

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2 Responses to SeaMonkey 2.1 Beta 3 Introduces New Features

  1. skierpage says:

    Congratulations! Will SeaMonkey 2.1b2’s Help > Check for Updates offer this as an update? My says “beta”, but finds no update.

  2. Tomislav says:

    SeaMonkey 2.1b3 sometimes enter in crash report loop. Restarting computer or full closing and opening browser don’t solve problem. I can only quit seamonkey. Only helps uninstalling and installing. Current development build have same problem.
    SM 2.1b2 don’t have that problem.

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