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To all distro-maintainers and others who need the official source tarballs, while the source tarball was available earlier, the *actual* tarball was uploaded earlier today.

Please ensure your tarball has the following checksums.

e1278489c5cc41e1cd87f4a01a7e5d16addea197ef5e04003459d7989bcf66a1d135f08dde7291227a9d556ad07928ed5f41d75d6e288bb68488ffd74a2657eb sha512 176647220 source/seamonkey-2.38.source.tar.xz

d77b2550665a94a88c69368f4cf54833 md5 176647220 source/seamonkey-2.38.source.tar.xz
fc9c22f7411372876d4f151ff6aca39cde31f711 sha1 176647220 source/seamonkey-2.38.source.tar.xz

If it’s not that, please redownload.  Don’t be alarmed if it isn’t.  During the source step, a file was mistakenly modified when it shouldn’t have (My fault).

The file is suite/   In the release source, the suite/ should not have the source-upload rule.  If yours does, delete the source and download it again.  That change will be in the next release/beta.

I apologize for the goofup.


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I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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