New SeaMonkey Nightly Builds available



Adrian Kalla again contributes unofficial localized installers and language packs in various languages for WINDOWS and Linux: Trunk & Beta & Aurora & Release .

Only for testing, you will use those builds on your own risk. I recommend to create a backup of your user profile before you start testing those builds.

Clker-GrafkThe SeaMonkey-Project is living thanks to contributions of the community, by “manpower” or by financial support. Any contribution, also small amounts by Flattrs, are appreciated. You can donate via the SeaMonkey e. V. donation page or via the private donation initiative I started few days ago. The reasons why I started my private Donation campaign and why I currently can’t recommend donations to the SeaMonkey e. V. you can find here. You will reach my private SeaMonkey Donation Page (not initiated by or under responsibility of SeaMonkey or mozilla) with a click here or on the image at the right.

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6 Responses to New SeaMonkey Nightly Builds available

  1. Martin Freitag says:

    The link is borked.

    • You are right, thank you for your attention. Currently, from time to time, WORDPRESS seems to create some hodgepodge from my hyperlinks (I don’t know in what situations that happens), I really should test them all immediately after posting. BTW – for a page with various hyperlinks it helps if a complaint also contains a hint what link on the page is broken 😉

  2. seamonkey-2.42.en-US.win64.installer.exe 2016-03-08 17:34 works fine for me until now, I’m using it for my normal work.

  3. XFox says:

    The link to why you currently cannot recommend donations to SeaMonkey using the official page/PayPal account is broken.

  4. Anita Sands says:

    SEA MONKEY SUDDENLY DOES NOT WORK, my html composer for doing stars. It stopped midway thru my work tonight. It will not show you the CLICK AREA to write in HTM so don’t know if JULY 2nd will be there but here is july 1

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