SeaMonkey 2.53.1 is out!

Hi All,

The project has officially released SeaMonkey 2.53.1!

This time, it only took me a week to get my smeg together!  Improvements galore to the releasing process, so the next time, it should be even faster (touch wood).

Kudos to frg and IanN who made the builds.  Yes, they’re my automation! Hahahh… *sigh*.  Seriously, I am working on getting the automation up.  Really!

Let’s chortle in our joy!


About ewong

I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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34 Responses to SeaMonkey 2.53.1 is out!

  1. Ant says:

    Wow, that was fast. 😀

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  3. Thanks for the release! But wow, is this one ever huge. Why has the source tarball ballooned from 232 MB (with version 2.49.5) to 755 MB?

  4. By the way, it seems the source code is not (yet) available from the repository, or else the README on the release page doesn’t give correct instructions on how to obtain it. See this report for further details:

  5. Sanny says:

    Commented with the newest version 🙂

    Thanks guys of the team for the new version.
    kudos to all who did and do to get us this browser I love.

  6. markinson says:

    Great, great, great!
    But, most of all, thank you so much for your incredible work!

  7. EP says:

    A reminder that SM 2.53.1 requires at least Win7 on the Windows platform

  8. Syura says:

    I assume NPAPI plugins are not going to make a come back then? I’ll miss djview ;_;

  9. Ioan P says:

    hello everyone!
    today 28 feb I downloaded
    I use licensed Win10Pro/64 and built in antivirus delete installer as is Trojan:Win32/Detplock virus infected
    My current Seamonkey instalation is 32 bit version (2.49.5).
    I downloaded then 64bits version from and it appear to be clean

  10. HM says:

    Hi guys,

    Great news.

    Only three conditions must be met on my side before upgrade from 2.49.5 🙂
    – no problems with Linux version
    – working Lightning – it is crucial for me
    – working uBlock Origin

    Any experience? Thank you for your info…

  11. Kamikaze says:

    Thanks Team.

  12. Jordan says:

    Thanks for this release!

  13. francesfarmer says:

    Thank you so much for this brand new version, but I noticed a little bug :
    I set the tab to open in the background, it works if I open a tab using the middle button (or right-click + open in a new tab) from a page, but not for a bookmark: it switchs to the new tab
    it was ok with 2.49.5 (it’s ok with firefox 73.0.1)

    • Hi,
      I don’t know if it’s a bug or a new config, but I had this same behaviour and I fixed by changing the “browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInBackground” setting in about:config to “true”.
      Hope it helps.

      • francesfarmer says:

        Thank you, I already did this after my comment, it works, but only for single links, I still get the wrong behavior for multiple links from the bookmark opened in tabs , and the setting in the menu doesn’t work ! 🙁

        I also noticied another problem : I also set to replace the current tab with the new one(s), but once again, the option in the menu doesn’t work for multiple links and I didn’t find the setting in “about:config”
        result : when opening multiple tabs from the bookmarks, the current tab is not replaced, the new tabs are just added. It works if I open only one tab.

        It’s not a big problem, I keep version 2.53.1 !

  14. DA says:

    You really need to add the search history back in. I use that quite a bit for sites I visited.

  15. HM says:

    Installed approx. one hour ago. Now testing – all seems OK.
    Thank you, guys for your work! This version is the beginning of new Seamonkey life. 🙂

  16. Hamid Nassiby says:

    Thanks for the new release.
    I have run it for 1 week on Debian GNU/Linux (x86-64) alongside uBlock origin.
    It is stable and faster than the 2.49.x.

  17. Pascal Delalonde says:


    I have a cookies problem when lightning extension is enabled. Some websites do not accept to log in, or adding products in the basket, and ask for enabling cookies in the browser.

    All is ok when the lightning extension is disabled.
    The problem is the same with 2.53.1 and 2.49.5
    Also checked on another computer, and with a brand new profile.
    How is the lightning extension related to cookies ?

  18. HM says:

    Just one annoying problem found 🙁
    Time in the E-mail client is displayed in 12 hour format despite system locales settings and LC_TIME manually setting too… It works OK in Thunderbird and older Seamonkey versions on the same machine.
    OS: Linux Mint 19.3, Czech locales.

  19. HM says:

    Sorry – found solution for time locale: Edit -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Date and time formatting

  20. seamonkey says:

    may i know i can get plugin like ‘user-agent-switcher’ to work?
    or there is an alternative that allow me to change my browser user-agent.

    as for ad block, the brother mention about ublock. i will use it.
    however, my preference is still adblock plus. if there is an a working version for 2.53.1 , let me know

  21. Myrddin R Emrys says:

    I had a bit of a “I’m freakin’ out a bit now” moment when the New Version screen came up After I’d installed the new version.. mentioning that I need to remove my Master Password BEFORE installing it… Luckily it appears that my passwords are working still but, maybe that should be mentioned so you see it before you download it..?… I’m hoping it isn’t going to bite me now that my profile’s in the new one.

    Aside from that, I notice my tab text looks different than it had.. white on light but, will probably re-apply the theme and see if that won’t clear it up.

    Oky Doky *fingers crossed that every goes well. I’m excited to try it out.. usually wait a week at least these days before trying a new version of anything like this.. ya know, just in case a quick update gets release of whatever software it is.

  22. Thank you for the release!!!!
    No hitches on moving out he 2.49 from my internet folder to 2.53 and running it.


  23. DA says:

    I don’t think this is related to this release since it was happening in the previous release and I upgraded hoping to get of the problem. Very recently Youtube notifications don’t work anymore. When you click the bell, the context menu opens but just a spinning arrow shows, like its trying to load. Same thing in 2.53.1. Also trying to logout same thing happens. I have to go to the google page to log out.

    • DA says:

      Forgot to mention that this doesn’t happen in Firefox. Thx.

      • DA says:

        An update: I got the logout menu and notifications to work by changing the user agent to Firefox 40/win10. I have a user agent switcher installed since some web sites don’t play nice with Seamonkey. Thx.

    • Sergey says:

      Hi, I have the same problem.

    • tippu says:

      (Sorry for writing using machine translation (google))
      I have the same problem.
      Even if the add-on is disabled (“-safe-mode” option), the reminder and account menu will be HTTP result 401 and will not send the contents. So the arrow is spinning forever. Also, comments on videos and live stream chats also fail to send at 401.

      One more thing, feedback and other inquiries are all HTTP results 403 on YouTube and google.

  24. Anon says:

    After upgrading on Debian, sound no longer works for me 🙁
    Does SeaMonkey require pulseaudio now?

    • Hans-Juergen says:


      same for me here, also a flock of Debian / Devuan systems. Already posted it to the release info for 2.53.2, as this shows the same behaviour, too.



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