2.53.1b1 is out!

Hi All,

Yes, 2.53.1b1 is finally out!

No pithy comments this time.

Thanks to all involved! [*You* know who you are… *wink*]


17 Responses to 2.53.1b1 is out!

  1. All things come to him who waits

    Thank you guys!!!
    Long life Seamonkey

  2. Thanks you all the team members! Great job!
    I hope we can maintain the life of one of beheld browsers of the past good days!

  3. “Not a Win32 application”. Not working in Windows XP. Looks like Seamonkey project follows Firefoxes’ trend to abandon XP users (that are most of Seamonkey’s userbase, probably).

  4. Thanks! May the seamonkey_force be with you!

  5. thanks for updating, but flashgot doesnt work 🙁
    hope you will fix that soon

  6. Thank you guys for the great work!

  7. Awww thank you, great work done and so much effort needed! It runs like a charm and all is working like a final version, only the favicons are a bit big(ger than normal) , but that is only a cosmetic issue…
    Again, Thank you all so much keeping seamonkey alive 🙂

  8. I can’t install it nor the previous release. And I can’t get any help since the forum has died. It installs but stops and says Not Responding.

  9. 2.53.1 is almost close to being finalized
    hopefully 2.53.1 final may come out by the end of February or around March

  10. Good news!


    Kudos to All at the SeaMonkey Council! 🙂

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