2.53.1 checksums..

Hi all,

Another notification of another one of my goofups.

This time, this pertains to the paths mentioned in the checksum files.  To my chagrin and dismay (chagray?), the file paths mentioned in those checksums are wrong.  I haven’t checked them all; but, I believe all of them have the following format “tmp/releases/2.53.1/…”  when they should just be without that prefix.

The reason for this wrongness is that I had used a temporary path to generate the structure of the whole release tree.  I had forgotten that I had done that when I moved the release tree to where it should be, i.e. releases/2.53.1.

I am in the process of replacing all those files with the proper path; but, it’s going to be a tedious one.  In the meantime, please be aware of that issue if you do check for the checksums.


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2 Responses to 2.53.1 checksums..

  1. Ant says:

    So after this, v2.53.1 stable is finally released?

  2. frg says:

    2.53.1 is old news. Just a problem with the checksum files. 2.53.2 should arrive soon.

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