SeaMonkey is out!

Hi everyone,

This is a quick announcement that SeaMonkey has just been released.

Yes, it’s a quick update.    So quick, I hadn’t even gotten a chance to update my installed version to 2.53.5.  ;P


About ewong

I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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8 Responses to SeaMonkey is out!

  1. Ant says:

    Thanks again! 😀

  2. markinson says:

    Great! More than great!
    Why I can’t see anymore comments?

  3. D A says:

    This release still has the memory leak issue if you watch Youtube videos and never shut down the browser. I changed the load pages setting to off which slowed down the growth but it still grows with each video I watch.

  4. Ric Steinberger says:

    macOS 11.1 on Mac Mini M1 architecture does not allow this App to be installed. When will an M1 compatible version be available?

  5. URGENT: Newest download loses accessibility to tool bar so one cannot edit html files or create new ones. Please fix ASAP. I have been loyal to you from Netscape days and your html editor is so excellent. A tragedy to lose it.

  6. Please make the composer page for editing html accessible again. It’s not in the current version. I desperately need it!

  7. EP says:

    a v2.53.6 beta 1 version was available here before year 2020 ended:

    hopefully sometime in 2021 there would be an SM 2.57.x version available beside the ones coming from wg9s

  8. Hi, I can’t get this to open on my mac, it says that it can’t contact the developer, this happens even when I right click on the app.

    But actually the composer page / HTML editor is the only thing I really use SeaMonkey for (I’ve also been using it since netscape / mozilla days) so maybe there’s no point in fixing security if “compose” is gone.

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