Migration away from archive.mozilla.org addendum

Hi All,

In my previous blog post on the SeaMonkey Project migrating away from archive.mozilla.org, it seems as there is some misunderstanding in the wording(I’ve just changed it on the request of Mozilla).

When I stated “We need to stop using archive.mozilla.org” and “They will most likely be left as is until Mozilla blows it away (or I do).”,  I literally meant “We” as in “the SeaMonkey Project”.

So in essence, what I *was* trying to state (and failing miserably) is that “The SeaMonkey Project needs to migrate away from archive.mozilla.org.”   After 2023, when you go to https://archive.mozilla.org/pub/”, you will not see seamonkey there.

End of an era.





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I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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