WINDOWS SeaMonkey 2.35 “Pre-RC” available

We have something very similar to a Release Candidate, “all-bugfixes included“, but not localized.

That version contains a lot of bug-fixes compared to SeaMonkey 2.33 (no warranty for completeness) , intensive testing is appreciated.

Be careful with Language Packs (and may be other add-ons) for 2.33, they might cause big problems with 2.35, and currently I do not know whether fix for BugĀ 1084258 Language pack compatibility should be bound to Gecko branch, else undefined entity errors possible already will avoid such problems.

Backup your profile before you install and test!

Linux Users: please consider BugĀ 1057581 old profile crashes on startup [@ nsRDFPropertyTestNode::FilterInstantiations]

On the same download page you will find an Aurora 2.38a1 build.

About Rainer Bielefeld

QA-Volunteer in the SeaMonkey Project. Hiere in the Blog you see me as Rainer Bielefeld, for technical reasons sometimes also as RrBd57 from my Twitter-account
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4 Responses to WINDOWS SeaMonkey 2.35 “Pre-RC” available

  1. sm user says:

    There are only WIN32 versions on that download location.

  2. I’m using Linux and is in 2.38a2
    I find xpi in Spanish, is there?

  3. Pim says:

    I’m looking for a similar version for Linux (64 bit); where can I find that? doesn’t seem to have any recent 2.35 builds, only 2.36 (as a tinderbox build).

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