Every little step…

Hi everyone,

Just want to update everyone that the repacks WERE completed and just like I thought, the next step (l10n verifications and updates) was busted.  (This whole process reminds me of a spluttering engine.  Get it going… it stops for a moment.  Get it going again…  stops…ad nausuem til it gets to the destination.)

Anyway, once I have the updates part done, and the updates verifications (this part is another scary part… then again… all of ’em were..  I guess it’s not ‘scary’ but more or less like apprehension, but I digress),  things will hopefully (touch wood) go more smoothly until the point of release.  After that…  the potential for issues still exist.   But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

But the fact remains…  we’re getting closer..