SeaMonkey 2.53.15 final is released!

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone’s Christmas and New Year’s Eve was a safe and happy one.

I would like to take this opportunity and on behalf of the SeaMonkey Project, to wish everyone a belated Safe, Prosperous, Healthy and Happy New Year.

The SeaMonkey Project is pleased to announce the immediate release of SeaMonkey 2.53.15 final.   Please check out [1] or [2].

Best regards,


[1] –

[2] –

About ewong

I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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14 Responses to SeaMonkey 2.53.15 final is released!

  1. Ant says:

    No internal updates yet?

  2. Myrddin R Emrys says:

    Just downloaded .15 x64.!

    Thanks so much to everyone who’s helped make this possible.

    Always excited to see how the updates improve web functionality.

  3. VonBloomberg says:

    Hi, I’m using Greasemonkey (for Seamonkey fork) to run a few scripts for a games site ( that I’m using and the latest Seamonkey build brakes all the scripts.
    Changing back to 2.53.14 resolves the problem.
    I do not know where to report this bug.

  4. CVL says:

    Bonne et heureuse année à toute l’équipe ! 😀
    la mise à jour est faite de la 2.53.15 :

  5. Hamid says:

    Thanks a lot for your efforts toward making new new versions of SM released.

    I just downloaded it. Browsing those websites using heavy JS code, makes the browser overall slow, even the browser menus are opened slowly.

  6. jose luis says:

    Hello, nowhere have I seen that the requirements have changed. The disk image application has the forbidden symbol on El Capitan (10.11) and when double clicked it reports that it requires 10.12. It is possible that the requirements are even higher if they use new libraries. I understand that this comes from the version of Firefox used, but it would be appreciated if you report those changes. Both on the download page and in the help of the program should be indicated. And on the wiki. And of course, what’s the point of the old version informing me of a new version if it’s not usable on the machine I’m using and there’s not the slightest mention of it? I understand that you tell me that it exists, and that you need to update the system before you can install it. And let’s hope that it doesn’t update on its own without any warning as thousands of programs already do that leave the application totally useless and that in many cases you can’t even go back to the previous version because it doesn’t exist on their websites.

    If, on the one hand, paid software is expensive and forces you to update by force, free software goes the same way. Until now you could always continue using the previous version, but more and more with the mandatory innovations they are leaving everything before as forbidden to use and not just obsolete. Is this being green? Planned and mandatory obsolescence for everything?

  7. Kami says:

    Great! Thanks!

  8. shumel stein says:

    Hello … not sure how or where else to post this, but I Am unable to connect to SM’s listserve …

    What is it I may have or be doing incorrectly?

    This just started a few weeks ago.


  9. Heiko Mock says:

    Since the update I cannot access Facebook anymore.
    You guys have any idea or experience the same?

  10. Angels Ruiz says:

    Hi there!
    Thank you for your work, I am user of Seamonkey since 2001 and love it!

    I got problems with the add-ons dictionaries since the new release in August. I have installed them, I can see them on “about:addons” but they are not working when typing e-mails.

    I am not a developer so your help will be really appreciated.
    Thanks again!

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