SeaMonkey 2.53.2 has been released!

Hi all,

Just would like to announce that SeaMonkey 2.53.2 has been released.

Thanks to the SeaMonkey dev team for their hard work!


NB: Still practicing on making announcements..  this one might be a bit short.. somewhat overloaded a bit right now.

4 Responses to SeaMonkey 2.53.2 has been released!

  1. Thanks again. I just upgraded on my decade old PCs (64-bit Debian Jessie v8 and 64-bit W7 HPE SP1). So far, so good! Now, go to sleep.

  2. Bravo ! :great: ci-dessous le lien vers la 2.53.2 :
    Bonne continuation à toute l’équipe !

  3. Wow! Great news!! So quickly 😉


  4. Fantastic! Another great release from the Seamonkey team.

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