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SeaMonkey 2.53.8 is out!

Hi All, This is a quick announcement that SeaMonkey 2.53.8 has been released! Please check it out at [1] or [2]. :ewong PS: Updates are being tested.. [1] – [2] –  

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SeaMonkey 2.53.8 Beta 1 is out!

Hi All, Just want to mention that SeaMonkey 2.53.8 Beta 1 is out. Please visit [1] for more info: [1] – PS: Yes, quite a brief mention.  Working on the updates situation…

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Hi, Updates are still unavailable. Reason? What I had thought was a working system turned out that it wasn’t working that well.  It worked when I ran updates and it worked for others on the test site.   But in production,  … Continue reading

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Updates [Addendum]

Hi again, In my previous post, I mentioned’s update domain will be decommissioned.   Why?  Because while the system running as is under our control,  the domain itself is Mozilla’s.  It’s a Mozilla management/security concern that an external system … Continue reading

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Hi everyone, I’m putting this post up to better clarify the situation with the updates.  I’m hoping to switch the to using the new update system. will be left as is (mainly because one of these days, that … Continue reading

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Mailing Lists

Hi All, With the decommissioning of the mozilla newsgroup/mailing list, we’ve migrated to Googlegroups at: Dev App : Support: Having just posted on both lists,  I’m going to have to figure a better way of posting it on … Continue reading

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SeaMonkey is released!

Hi all, The SeaMonkey project would like to announce the official release of SeaMonkey  As this is a security release, please update if you can. :ewong PS: Has the project ever announced an unofficial release?.. hrm..

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SeaMonkey Support newsgroups and mailing lists…

Hi, Another quick (another albeit old) notice. Both the SeaMonkey-dev, and Seamonkey-support newsgroups on (as well as their associated mailing lists) are going to go the way of the Dodo.  They’re going to be removed.  Gone.  Hogged-tied and sent … Continue reading

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SeaMonkey 2.53.7 has been released!

Hi All, Just want to (albeit belatedly) announce that SeaMonkey 2.53.7 has been released…  Yesterday…  In the afternoon… Yes.  I hardly call this news then.  Well… what can I say. Absolutely nothing…   [Doesn’t this trigger you thinking about Edwin Starr’s … Continue reading

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SeaMonkey 2.53.7 Beta 1 has been released!

Hi All, The SeaMonkey Project is happy to announce the release of SeaMonkey 2.53.7b1. Please try it out. Best Regards, keep safe and healthy! :ewong  

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