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SeaMonkey 2.49.5 has been released!

Hi Everyone. 2.49.5 was just ‘released’ (aka pushed to the releases/2.49.5) portion of It has been an intensely frustrating experience, and dare I say worse than 2.46’s release.  I can’t imagine how much everyone is wanting to kick me … Continue reading

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Build3 has been “candidatized”…

Hi everyone! Build 3 has been pushed to the regular candidates path.  I’ve coined a ‘new’ term “candidatized”, meaning it’s been sent to the candidates path on That said, there’s a chance it’ll be dubbed 2.49.5 instead of rc3. … Continue reading

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Build numero deux

Hi, After a long delay, I’ve uploaded the build2 of 2.49.5. Checksums are there. Next to be done will be build #3. :ewong

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Checksums were fixed… but… where are the binaries?

Hi All, There seems to be a mistake.  I have generated… well, not *I* per se, but the automation (*lol…  yeah.. *right*) or semi-automation seemed to have sent some of the tarballs/binaries elsewhere (or ignored them…).  This will be fixed. … Continue reading

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Checksums ‘fixed’.

Dear All, The checksums have been updated. Sorry for the fubariness.   I had tested the script on one file and it worked, so I ran it for the rest of the binaries.  The flaw in that idea is that just … Continue reading

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Hi Everyone, It’s been a hell of a long time since an update.  So… here’s the long awaited update. I’ve been swamped at work and stumbling over everything related to SeaMonkey.  My apologies. Thankfully, both Ian and Frg have taken … Continue reading

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All humors aside… ;(

Hi Everyone, tl;dr; I’ve messed up majorly and need to revamp the infrastructure; meaning further delaying any hopes of releasing ANYTHING. Blame lies solely on me as I had contracted the serious case of “Thomas the Steam Engine”-itis. That said, … Continue reading

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2.49.5? Where is it? Quick! Call Waldo!

Hi all, (didn’t really have any quip to put in the topic..  so wrote that…  *shrug*) We have finally started spinning 2.49.5.   This is going to be the most EPIC build process.  Why?  Oh…let me count the ways. 2.49.5 will … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

We, from the SeaMonkey dev team, would like to wish everyone a very Happy New, Healthy, Safe and Prosperous New Year! We do not know what’s in store for this small project; but we do hope to continue to work … Continue reading

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Updating everyone…

Hi Everyone, It’s been awhile since this blog was updated.  No, SeaMonkey hasn’t disappeared or gone.  We’re still plugging away at getting things done; but it’s been a very slow process, of which, we apologize. The project is still alive … Continue reading

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