Updating everyone…

Hi Everyone,

It’s been awhile since this blog was updated.  No, SeaMonkey hasn’t disappeared or gone.  We’re still plugging away at getting things done; but it’s been a very slow process, of which, we apologize.

The project is still alive and we’re all busy figuring out the whole shebang mess.

To answer a lot of people’s question: “What is going to happen to the project?  What’s in store?”

The tentative answer is: While we’re basing our release on ESR52 (with ESR60 being (afaicr) untenable),  we’re looking at a possible 2.53 or at worst, 2.57 as being the next ‘stable’ platform.

As for the ‘future’, we’re not as optimistic since a lot of our code is XUL based and a lot of the dependent code has been ripped out from the engine already.   So what you’re seeing in comm-central (and dare I even say, comm-beta) is terribly broken. [Expect an edit here, as I’m a bit out of the loop wrt the code.  I’ve been so knee deep in the infrastructure setup. ]  That said, what we will do to continue SeaMonkey is really up in the air.   Should we migrate off XUL and go quantum while trying to maintain some semblance of SeaMonkey, or should we just run as is until the engine completely fails or fork off the most stable Gecko XUL code and work on it?  [For the latter, some have said it will be the death knell for SeaMonkey as we do not have enough knowledge, expertise and resources to maintain such code.]

While this isn’t the right place to discuss this type of decision, I’m just putting it forth out in the open (in the name of transparency) so that users can think and discuss it on the newsgroups/mailing list.  After all, we are working on this project for our users (and ourselves, of course as we also do use SeaMonkey).

Thank you all for your patience and support.  It means a lot to the remaining members of the SeaMonkey dev team.

Best Regards,



SeaMonkey’s infrastructure has officially been decommissioned.

May the memory of all these years of building SeaMonkey on these systems remain in the annals of SeaMonkey’s history and in all of the current and past contributors who had the fortune of administrating them (and fighting against their impulsive bustages).  An era has ended.

(Lights a candle for each of the following systems: )

  • sea-hp-linux64-{2,13}
  • sea-vm-linux32-{2,7}
  • sea-mini-osx64-{1,4}
  • sea-vm-win32-{1,4}
  • sea-win32-{01,04}
  • sea-master1
  • sea-puppet
  • the Windows loaner

A new era has begin.

Thank you for all the contributors and users who’ve supported this project and continue to do so despite the changes and the delays in releases.  We appreciate your continual support and patience as we get the new infrastructure up to par.


SeaMonkey Release Engineer

Last day…

Well…  all this preparation and migration has culminated to this final day after which our dear ol’ infrastructure will be gone forever.

It’s like saying goodbye to a friend…

For Auld Lang Syne… my dear… for Auld Lang Syne… We’ll drink a cup of kindness yet… for Auld Lang Syne…

I remember fondly of accessing the systems through the jump host…

“Parting is such sweet sorrow…  ”


SeaMonkey Project’s own Lamenter.

Website is… up…. down…up… what?


Some, if not all, of you may have wondered what the smeg was going on with the website.  It’s up.  Then errors out.  Up.. Errors out.

The reason is simple.

PEBCAK^H^H^H^H^H^H Teething errors with the website… yeah…

Seriously, sorry about the missing website.  It should stick now.

On my defense, I had to reverse-engineer the behaviour of the old website as I had no access to it.  This includes ‘how’ the website is setup, and how it’s built and the cronjobs necessary.  So I should’ve expected some teething errors.


SeaMonkey Project’s own befuddler.

End of an era…

Dear All,

It is an end of an era as today is the last day of SeaMonkey’s old infrastructure.   Come 12th September, it’ll be shut down for good.  We’ve been using this infrastructure for more than ten years and it’s sad to see it go; but c’est la vie.

Now it’s fully on the SeaMonkey’s team to get the new infrastructure working and running.  What does this mean to everyone involved?  It means more involvement in getting things working, which unfortunately, isn’t the case right now.   The new infra is still going through the fixing part.

What this means is that any future releases will be delayed until this infrastructure is behaving properly.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mozilla for all these years of helping us maintaining the infra as well as our multitudes of requests for items/bug fixes, etc.

I also would like to thank the users for your patience and understanding.

Best Regards



2.49.4 is out

Hi All,

Just want to announce that SeaMonkey 2.49.4 is finally out.  While not as hairy as the previous versions, it still had a lot of issues.

Sorry for the delay.


Spinning 2.49.4..

Hi everyone,

I am spinning 2.49.4 right now.   Murphy *is* still around so that’s all I’m going to say. 😛

I’ll keep everyone posted.



Hi all,

Just want to pop in and say that SeaMonkey 2.49.3 is FINALLY out.

This version was a painful one compared to the previous one.  The infrastructure totally crapped out (and it took me a while to fix the issue) and the mac machine is on its way out the door. [Then again, our whole infra’s on the way out the door. 🙁 ]

Thank you for your patience..


2.49.3 is Delayed..


Not that there was any definitive ETA for 2.49.3; but, it will be delayed due to infrastructure failure, specifically, our only available Mac system is starting to show signs of hardware failure.

We’re having this system checked.

In the meantime, we’ve placed all of our efforts in getting the new infrastructure running.

Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience.


2.49.3 is being spun..well..


I should’ve posted this a few weeks ago when it was relevantish, I started spinning 2.49.3 build 1; but encountered some issues and with a new secfix,  I started build 2.

Unfortunately, there might be some delays as our mac is experiencing some issues, which is why I’ve been busy setting up the new infra.

Thank you for your continual patience.