Tears of joy…

Hi All..

My goodness.

2.46 has finally been released! <or insert in your mind as many ! as you want>

It has been a painful and arduous journey and it has finally come to this moment.  SeaMonkey 2.46 IS OUT!

Please do check it out and report any badness (the bad badness… not the good badness..if such things exist) that happens.

Oh one more thing that I might have forgotten to mention.

SeaMonkey 2.46 is out!  ;P

Seriously though…  I do have one nagging feeling that updating for Windows 64 bit users *might* have an issue.  If so, please post here or on the newsgroups and I’ll fix it.

My goodness….  I think I’m going to cry.


Every little step…

Hi everyone,

Just want to update everyone that the repacks WERE completed and just like I thought, the next step (l10n verifications and updates) was busted.  (This whole process reminds me of a spluttering engine.  Get it going… it stops for a moment.  Get it going again…  stops…ad nausuem til it gets to the destination.)

Anyway, once I have the updates part done, and the updates verifications (this part is another scary part… then again… all of ’em were..  I guess it’s not ‘scary’ but more or less like apprehension, but I digress),  things will hopefully (touch wood) go more smoothly until the point of release.  After that…  the potential for issues still exist.   But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

But the fact remains…  we’re getting closer..



Hi all,

Like wow.  I mean… Really. Wow.

Long story short, having just pushed an updated fix and moved the tags to the repository, I just did a sample osx64 l10n repack and it worked!

So, I went ahead and ordered the rest of the locales repacks.

Once the repacks are done… it’s the updates part and if I did the builds and repacks ok, the updates *should* be ok; but like I said before, we’ll get to that bridge when we cross it… or was it we’ll cross the bridge when we get to it.

Anyway…  fingers crossed.



Fast and Furious.. 9

Build #9 started..

Fixed a mozconfig issue which had included a calendar makefile.

Pushed another m-r cset to the relbranch.

frg might just win his bet.   We’re 1 short of 10.  (and I’m starting to be a couple short of a six pack…  this 2.46 is unhinge-worthy..)


Build 8


Wow.. the updates are coming in a lot more quickly than previous.  Unfortunately, this update isn’t that great.  Discovered a faux-pas made by yours truly, and having pushed a fix, we’re now heading to build #8.



Build number 7

Hi everyone.

I have just made a lot of pushes to the relbranch and have started build #7.

I certainly hope (while I have tested it out on the Windows loaner and it works) the whole process goes through the build and repack.  It’s the update part that I’m unsure of but I suppose we’ll get to it when we come to that part of the release process.


Over the past few months since build6 went bad, I’ve been banging my head against the repacking process; but had come to the conclusion that the extensions (as we know it in their current forms) were incompatible with the repack process.   Since the repack process my brain had a density of a neutron star and would require some time to increase its size to decrease the density, I figured asking for some advice was in order.

With the approval from IanN and KaiRo(from the SeaMonkey council), and despite my incessant stubborness trying to fix the repack, I went ahead and pushed the necessary changes and finally started build 7.  This build will be without the Inspector (DOM-Inspector), Chatzilla and Calendar.

Now…  it is the waiting game.

(which I hope won’t turn into the crying game… 😛 ) [unless it’s tears of joy…]


Face the music…

Hi everyone,

It’s been a hell of a long time since my last update and there are reasons.  Well.. just one.

I wish I bring glad tiddings… but..

I have spent the past three months working on l10n and just recently with the announcement of add-ons changes, I am getting honestly quite frustrated both in my ineptitude in figuring this process and how things are changing around the whole add-on situation, which makes us bundling Inspector and chatZilla all the more harder.

So, having spoken with the council members, we’re doing away with Inspector (DOM-Inspector) and Chatzilla as extensions.  They can be obtained directly from AMO (as someone whose used Inspector and chatzilla bundled, I have no idea about AMO so perhaps someone can chime in).

However, even managing to remove some pertinent vestiges of Inspector and Chatzilla from the build/repack process, I’m still encountering issues with the Modern theme.

I wish there was some easy way out of this and while it’s a temptation to skip 2.46 and go for whatever is next, I feel we’re gonna hit the same problems for the next release anyway, so might as well bite the bullet now.

Yes, I understand the frustration with the delay. (FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! 2.40 TO 2.46? )  And I do appreciate everyone’s patience with us as we deal with these problems.

It’s now December and soon… 2017.  I am still hammering my head against this proverbial l10n-steel-adamantium wall of craziness.  I’m hoping I have this sudden Eureka moment or that I find the kryptonium that will weaken this l10n monster and I get things released before the New Years.

Again. Thanks for everyone’s patience.  It’s been a steep climb while banging my head against the cliff-face.  *Awesome*.  <yes. sarcasm.>


Update on 2.46

After 6 builds (tries), we are still mired in the morass that is l10n repacks.

For those who are curious, it’s bug 1231349 .

There is a workaround for this; but, it is considered a hack and not really solving the problem, which afaik, is basically the backend mozilla code having some repacking difficulties with the extensions that we include (DOMi, Chatzilla).  While we figure out the backend code, I’m spinning up a DE repack to test out the workaround and to determine if there are issues with releasing repacks created from the workaround.





Yes.  Long time no post.

Why? Is the SeaMonkey project dead? The last was 2.40!  That’s a long time ago! (well, not really…  but long enough.)  Where is everyone?  Why has there been no posts or mentions? (and a host of other questions…)

Just want to mention that 2.46 is currently being spun… and by spun, I mean wrenched…  like loosening a very tight bolt that’s been superglued to the screw.

“What do you mean?”  some might ask.

At the start of the process, we managed to hit a few hiccups… well…not so much as hiccups but boulders the size of Boulder, Colorado with large signs saying “Stop… you cannot pass!”  (Hyperbole much?)

tl;dr (or if you wish, you can still read)

Since 2.40…  the releng team has been ‘trying’ to unbust the infrastructure to the point that things are starting to go green. (Yay!)  though we still have some l10n nightly troubles (bah humbug).   So with the desperate need of getting a release done, the project felt it was a good time to build 2.46 before something crawled out of the moco workshop to put a kaibosh on our release…  little did we know.

So, we (not really throwing caution to the wind… more like hoping with baited breath) started the build….

… only to come to a crashing halt at the 2nd step. (Moco *did* make a change to hg.mo’s infra (thus changing the fingerprint) and caused the build bustage as well as some environment variables  that should’ve been set but weren’t for some reasons (probably changes in the releng code that didn’t get translated to the release releng code…  my bad).

So.  2.46 will be out.  Just not today and my guess, not tomorrow either.  Sorry.   But since everyone’s waited for so long…  what’s a couple of days more? You’re right. Not a good excuse.

Please do stay tune to this channel… more updates soon as we unhork those boulders (hyperbole.. I know).


2.40 is out!

Yes! SeaMonkey 2.40 is out.
(Since it is getting late, I'm copying and pasting what I wrote in the newsgroup post. I apologize for not taking the time to make a decent post, but it is past my bed time. :P )


After so long a delay, for which we apologize, the SeaMonkey
Project is pleased to announce the release of SeaMonkey 2.40!

So please check out [1] or [2].

Please note that the website information, while updated for
2.40, still requires a bit more work.

We cannot repeat this enough.  Thank you everyone for your
patience with us.  This very long delay due to infrastructure
and resource issues has been very trying on a lot of people.

It has been a very tough release.  I think it's the
toughest one I've done.  However, this isn't to say that
I did this alone.  Kudos go to a lot of people, particularly
the guys/gals in Mozilla's IT and RelEng dept.

I particularly want to thank Nick Thomas for his sheer
brilliant idea that helped me unhork the partial mar upload
script as well as pointing out the necessary changes
to migrate off FTP to S3.

Thanks to Jens Hatlak for taking the time to do the Website
patch. (Really, sorry for the delay.)

Also, thanks to Justin Wood for giving me this opportunity
to work out the problems myself.  If you all take a look
at bug 1233615,  I think I rivaled the mess I did with
the GTK bug (conveniently forgotten the # :P ).  The
repo changes I made...  oh boy.  Only time will heal
the mess^H^H^H^H wounds. ;P

Anyway, most of all, thanks to all the users out there
for hanging on to this project.  The words of encouragement
(especially during the broken-hand period) definitely gave
me a boost of energy.

Oh.  Before I forget and in the light of being transparent,
there is a chance I might have goofed something up, especially
during the 2.39 Win32 builds as well as the 2.40 builds and
also the partial mar and complete mar updates.  I hope I
didn't screw things up too much, if at all (here's hoping).
Please do post here on your findings.

Anyway, thanks again.

[1] - http://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/2.40
[2] - http://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/seamonkey2.40/


PS: I think I'll post something later, when I have most of my mental faculties with me. :P