SeaMonkey 2.53.8 Beta 1 is out!

Hi All,

Just want to mention that SeaMonkey 2.53.8 Beta 1 is out.

Please visit [1] for more info:

[1] –

PS: Yes, quite a brief mention.  Working on the updates situation…

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Updates are still unavailable.


What I had thought was a working system turned out that it wasn’t working that well.  It worked when I ran updates and it worked for others on the test site.   But in production,  it worked only for a few.  Some updates were given in zh-*.    So instead of keeping it up and giving people bad updates, I’ve opted to switch off the updates altogether until I can get my stuff together.

So…  back to the drawing board (but not square one).

My apologies for those affected by the locale switch.  But I thank you all for the precious feedback.


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Updates [Addendum]

Hi again,

In my previous post, I mentioned’s update domain will be decommissioned.   Why?  Because while the system running as is under our control,  the domain itself is Mozilla’s.  It’s a Mozilla management/security concern that an external system is using their domain.  That’s understandable.  So this domain will eventually retire.  ;/

This means that all versions that point to that domain will be calling /dev/null. IOW, you won’t get any response.

Will there be a patch so that all versions point to the newer   Unfortunately, no.

While it is possible to point old versions to the new update domain, there’s little point in doing so as mentioned in the previous post.  No updates.

Incidentally, while I’m at it (and can remember), the Mozilla crash-stats server will no longer be accepting crash-stats from SeaMonkey post 2nd Quarter (I think it was July).  This means that until we’ve set up a new crash-stats server (2nd in priority behind the updates server),  future crashes will be ignored by Mozilla’s crash-stats server.

Why is this happening?  Lessens the burden of Mozilla’s crash-stats system and maintenance.  That’s the gist of it.  Since this has already been decided, I’m not going to dwell on it.  It’s just another added priority for us.

Best Regards,


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Hi everyone,

I’m putting this post up to better clarify the situation with the updates.  I’m hoping to switch the to using the new update system. will be left as is (mainly because one of these days, that domain will be decomissioned (since it is Mozilla’s))[will post an addendum.]

tl;dr:  SeaMonkey 2.53.* (and newer) are the only versions that will have updates.

Long form:

My original intention was to allow any version upgrade to any other greater version (barring operating system restrictions etc..).  Like, if you had installed 1.x, you’d be able to upgrade to  *That* was my intention.

As in with intentions mixed in with life, things aren’t that simple.  I had posted this concern on the lists and probably here as well; but I’m just going to repeat myself.

The SeaMonkey Project will only be supporting the 2.53.* (Gecko 56) family.  Any other previous versions are no longer supported in terms of updates.  As of this writing, I’m not entirely sure the 2.49.* family will ever be updated (but you’ll never know).  The 2.49.1 – 2.49.4 to 2.49.5 update is a special case as the 2.49.5 update files had changed and we missed the opportunity to create a set of transitional update files for that.

Big corporations, like Microsoft, no longer support old operating systems.  Win 1 to (recently) Win7 are no longer supported.  Ditto with the Windows Servers (NT, to 2008).  If big corporations can’t/won’t support old operating systems; what hope do we (as a small group of volunteers) have?  Is this a justification to leave old software high and dry?  No; but it is not realistic to expect a small group of volunteers to support software that no longer build on any system.   Furthermore, even websites are now finicky as to which browser can view them, which further adds to the frustrations of using old SeaMonkey versions.

Is it possible to set up a VM to build old software?   Possibly; but is it worth the time and resources?    Unfortunately, the answer here is no.   This is the unfortunate by-product of technological progression.   Does this mean the old versions can’t be  used?  No.  It’s just that using it on an actual system could potentially harm the system.

I realize this may sound like an excuse for ignoring old software; but there really only so much we can do; particularly when the engine is changing so rapidly that we’re trying to keep track of the *latest* stuff coming out from Mozilla.

The benefit of the SeaMonkey project sticking with only 2.53.x + updates is that these updates will work on systems being updated.   All other versions polling for updates will not get any.   (Still, a part of me is reserving the right to modify the system to allow updates from 2.49.x to 2.49.5 at least.  As mentioned earlier in a post on the support mailing list,  only versions > 2.33 (iirc) can be updated due to certificates not being recognized and that  can’t be helped.))

So the final conclusion, as mentioned above, is that only 2.53.x + will get updates.

I do apologize for the long windedness and the decision to only update 2.53.x. It doesn’t give me pleasure to state it outright; but it’s always the resources issue.

Yours sincerely,



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Mailing Lists

Hi All,

With the decommissioning of the mozilla newsgroup/mailing list, we’ve migrated to Googlegroups at:

  1. Dev App :
  2. Support:

Having just posted on both lists,  I’m going to have to figure a better way of posting it on both lists simultaneously.



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SeaMonkey is released!

Hi all,

The SeaMonkey project would like to announce the official release of SeaMonkey  As this is a security release, please update if you can.


PS: Has the project ever announced an unofficial release?.. hrm..

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SeaMonkey Support newsgroups and mailing lists…


Another quick (another albeit old) notice.

Both the SeaMonkey-dev, and Seamonkey-support newsgroups on (as well as their associated mailing lists) are going to go the way of the Dodo.  They’re going to be removed.  Gone.  Hogged-tied and sent to the farm (no clue where this came from).

Why? is going to be decommissioned.  Removed from service…  etc.


Coz the Rock says so!

Well.. Not really.  The Rock didn’t say anything… nor would he care about this.  Or maybe?  Hey, Dwayne,  if you’re reading this..  Hi!  If you’re not reading this…   *shrugs*.

Anyway, the rationale for the decommissioning of is…

Nevermind.   No point in crying over spilt milk.  Mozilla says it’s going.

So.. My point.

We are in the midst of finding a suitable replacement.  Please check up on this blog from regularly as I will most likely post an update on this soon.  Or on irc.   Freenode.  #seamonkey.   Little point in checking up on the newsgroups unless I get a post in before the closure…. but then again, no one would be able to read it.  Would it?  *sigh*

As you probably have guessed.  I’m feeling snarky today.  Snark Day.  ;P

Oh.  Perhaps Cynic day?   Since this blog is also hosted by Mozilla….  *sigh*.

Anyways, will keep you all posted here.

Cynically and Snarkily yours,


PS: Or maybe sighday?

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SeaMonkey 2.53.7 has been released!

Hi All,

Just want to (albeit belatedly) announce that SeaMonkey 2.53.7 has been released…  Yesterday…  In the afternoon…

Yes.  I hardly call this news then.  Well… what can I say.

Absolutely nothing…   [Doesn’t this trigger you thinking about Edwin Starr’s song “War (What is it good for)”? ]  Hm.  I think this is going to be stuck in my brain for the rest of the day.   Oh yay.

I digress.

Kudos to those involved.  You know who you are.  *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* Say no more! Say No More!

Back to your regularly scheduled program..



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SeaMonkey 2.53.7 Beta 1 has been released!

Hi All,

The SeaMonkey Project is happy to announce the release of SeaMonkey 2.53.7b1.

Please try it out.

Best Regards, keep safe and healthy!



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Comments back..

Hi All,

Just want to mention that the comments (from what I see, and requiring a browser window reload) seem to be back.  I had to change to a different theme.


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