SeaMonkey 2.53.4 released!

Hi everyone,

Just want to quickly post that SeaMonkey 2.53.4 has been released!

This time around, it took a bit longer than anticipated due unforeseen circumstances and me needing to do some workarounds.

Sorry for the delay.


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SeaMonkey 2.53.4 Beta 1 released!

Hi All,

The SeaMonkey project team would like to announce the release of SeaMonkey 2.53.4 Beta 1!

Please do keep safe and healthy.


PS: had comments to add, but just wasn’t into it.  the situation around the world is just unsettling.

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SeaMonkey 2.53.3 has been released!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to notify all that SeaMonkey 2.53.3 has been released.

Keep safe and healthy, everyone!


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SeaMonkey 2.53.3b1 has been released!

Hi everyone,

Just want to make a quick post (which I should’ve done about four hours ago but got sidetracked) to mention that SeaMonkey 2.53.3b1 is released!

Please do check out this new release.  Why?  “Coz the Rock says so.” (some obscure 90’s WWE quote).

Incidentally, the automation is still being worked on; which means that the builds were generated by IanN and frg.  That said, I am closer to getting something running.  At least the automation builds *are* green.  Now it’s the process of releasing…


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SeaMonkey 2.53.2 has been released!

Hi all,

Just would like to announce that SeaMonkey 2.53.2 has been released.

Thanks to the SeaMonkey dev team for their hard work!


NB: Still practicing on making announcements..  this one might be a bit short.. somewhat overloaded a bit right now.

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Update on the updates situation


I’ve taken some time to try to fix the update situation and have come across a clash between the old update (for lack of a better word) necessities to the new update necessities.

In the past, we had partial and complete mar files in the release’s update paths without checksums and these mar files are served by Mozilla’s bouncer (somewhat like a load-balancer or somesuch thing which I never really understood).  The checksums were provided in the snippet directory when the updates were generated in the forms of ‘complete.txt’ and ‘partial.txt’.

I’ve tested out our update server with one version.  2.29.  The client *can* grab the update to 2.53.1 *but* it can’t update to it. (Restart produces the dialog that the update couldn’t be applied).  I didn’t check why it didn’t work; but I suspect that the update format for 2.53.1 isn’t ‘compatible’ to 2.29’s update code.

So all in all, the update backend and process is a complete mess.  While I can dedicate some time to figuring out this mess (I can’t right now, as I’m in the process of getting 2.53.2 uploaded), I will take some time before the backend can get to the point of ‘working’; though I suspect it’s going to be at a cost of not supporting versions (i.e. 1.x or 2.0.x and possibly others).

It is a mess… *sigh*




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2.53.1 checksums..

Hi all,

Another notification of another one of my goofups.

This time, this pertains to the paths mentioned in the checksum files.  To my chagrin and dismay (chagray?), the file paths mentioned in those checksums are wrong.  I haven’t checked them all; but, I believe all of them have the following format “tmp/releases/2.53.1/…”  when they should just be without that prefix.

The reason for this wrongness is that I had used a temporary path to generate the structure of the whole release tree.  I had forgotten that I had done that when I moved the release tree to where it should be, i.e. releases/2.53.1.

I am in the process of replacing all those files with the proper path; but, it’s going to be a tedious one.  In the meantime, please be aware of that issue if you do check for the checksums.


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SeaMonkey 2.53.2 Beta 1 has been released.

Hi all,

Just wanna drop a quick note stating that SeaMonkey 2.53.2b1 has been released.

I apologize (again… ) for the delay.  Between technical issues and personal issues, it took me some time to get things done.   But, well… c’est la vie.  So, no pithy or humorous notes.


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SeaMonkey 2.53.1 is out!

Hi All,

The project has officially released SeaMonkey 2.53.1!

This time, it only took me a week to get my smeg together!  Improvements galore to the releasing process, so the next time, it should be even faster (touch wood).

Kudos to frg and IanN who made the builds.  Yes, they’re my automation! Hahahh… *sigh*.  Seriously, I am working on getting the automation up.  Really!

Let’s chortle in our joy!


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2.53.1b1 is out!

Hi All,

Yes, 2.53.1b1 is finally out!

No pithy comments this time.

Thanks to all involved! [*You* know who you are… *wink*]


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